Sarel is consistently strengthening its quality assurance system by various innovative means in order to deliver its products and services at high standards of quality. The company is certified for ISO 9001:2008 as of 1998 and operates in accordance with requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Accordingly, it possesses the importer’s / manufacturer’s certificate from the Ministry of Health as of March 2011. Besides the internal controls carried out at the company, Sarel is also monitored by the Ministry of Health and by multinational corporations. Sarel is investing considerable resources into quality assurance and is actively learning how to comply with the strictest established standards.

The company pays special attention to controlling the storage and transportation conditions. The temperatures in all company’s cold storage rooms, as well as in the trucks employed by Sarel for carrying the medical equipment and medicines to hospitals, are monitored by advanced systems that send SMS messages on each temperature deviation, and any such deviation is immediately dealt with appropriately in order to keep the merchandise under optimal storage and transportation conditions. Moreover, periodical validations are carried out for all facilities and equipment used for storage and/or distribution (cold storage rooms, warehouses, trucks etc.), and probes and sensors installed in such facilities are calibrated once a year.

Sarel, in its capacity of a medicines vendor, stores in its warehouses medicines and vaccines intended for the entire Israel’s healthcare system. When necessary, we are also adjusting the medicines’ and/or vaccines’ packaging to the Ministry of Health’s requirements.

Aiming at strengthening and improving the company’s quality assurance system, Sarel is also operating a risk management process, in the course of which various “almost failure” scenarios are investigated, analysis is carried out of such occurrences, conclusions are drawn and procedures are updated whenever appropriate. Such a process is carried out once in half a year by means of an initiated risk survey that reviews the operation of all essential systems and/or critical processes across the company in order to identify potential failures.

The company routinely carries out internal audits intended for checking the compliance with procedures and instructions and assuring that all company’s employees are aware of the procedures and work in accordance with them. Another objective is identifying the issues calling for improvement as regards the procedures’ definition and implementation. It should be noted that procedures and instructions comprise a lively dynamic system that is continuously upgraded and updated.

The QlikView computerized analytics system is also operated and accessible to employees, allowing them to examine, on a daily level, the performance of all departments in comparison to their prescribed objectives, including operational indicators and various quality indicators. This system permits also to visualize the suppliers’ performance in accordance with various parameters that are analyzed and used by Sarel for the suppliers’ assessment performed every year.

The company’s management carries out annual management reviews that go through all the company’s quality assurance systems, present quality indicators and relevant conclusions, and set up the quality objectives for the next year.

The quality assurance system has an effect on all company’s levels, and all company’s employees are obliged to act in accordance with the quality issues relevant to their scope of work.