The Medical Division stands at the forefront of technology and is staffed by specialists in procurement and other areas. It supplies assorted medical equipment and appliances for the hospitals’ ongoing operation, from basic items to sophisticated advanced equipment.

Medical and surgical equipment

Sarel offers a widest assortment of products needed to care for injured and sick patients at all stages of their hospitalization. The company is specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for complicated medical procedures while conforming to the highest quality requirements of Israeli and international standards issued by the Ministry of Health’s department of medical equipment, FDA and CE.

Disposable medical equipment

Needles, syringes, butterfly needles, gloves, catheters, films and accessories, intravenous cannulas, tubes, curettes, drains and clams, electrodes, diathermy plates, containers and bags to urine drainage and collection, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic products, batteries, dialysis appliances, infusion sets, stoma and dressing products, central venous catheters (CVC), and more.

Advanced medical equipment

In this field, Sarel carries out extensive activities with a wide range of products, which is divided into two sectors comprising all consumable items in these categories, characterized by high quality, technologically advanced products: implants, prostheses, advanced catheters, surgical instruments for operating rooms, small surgical instruments, auxiliary materials for operations (assorted glues), threads, lenses and accompanying items. The sectors are mainly dealing with such areas as cardiology, surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, neurology, ENT, and more.

Seeking innovative products and solutions

Following technological progress in Israel and worldwide, Sarel is incessantly looking for such innovative products and solutions, as e.g. special kits for pacemaker implantation, kits for obstetrics departments and so forth, and for their adaptation to the customers’ needs.

Skillful professional team

The Medical Division’s team is continuously taking part in professional trainings related to the products distributed by the division and to the customer service.

Participating in projects

The laboratory department also offers its services for setting up and repairing medical labs. To that end, it collaborates with the Sarel’s institutional division and, together with the customer and other relevant parties, such as architects, contractors etc., attains the best possible solution.

Institutional services and solutions

Sarel is distributing a complete range of institutional medical equipment and products related to the patient’s environment, while adjusting them to specific requirements and needs of the customers in hospitals and healthcare institutions. The assorted products and solutions for the institutional sector are technologically state-of-the-art and cover the entire patient’s and hospital environment – for example, hospital beds, examination couches and more.

The specialized textile field comprises disposable and reusable textile items for operating rooms, standard textile items and clothes like pajamas, sheets, clothes for medical personnel and curtains.

Innovative solutions

Sarel offers solutions based on advanced technologies in various fields, for instance: medical waste, computerized storage, textile, protected operating rooms and computerized cabinets affording logistic solutions for arranging assorted articled of medical equipment, medicines and textile items.

All company’s products conform to Israeli standards. Sarel specialists participate in the standardization committees of the Standards Institution of Israel.

Laboratory equipment is adjusted to the customer’s demand at a minimal cost by Sarel – Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory department of Sarel supplies laboratory equipment and disposable materials to labs in the Ministry of Health’s hospitals and institutions. Since every lab poses its own demands, Sarel is required to serve each of the labs on a personal and individual level and to maintain a constant contact with it.

Custom tailored to exact dimensions

It happens sometimes that the lab’s situation changes due to increased workload or because of new tasks that have been added, and it is then important to adjust the equipment to the changed scope of work in order to obtain better efficiency at less cost. For such a purpose, Sarel offers its customers custom-tailored deals based on their periodically varying demands. Thanks to the knowledge and information that flows to the laboratory department, such possibilities are varied. The most common type of contract is a reagents deal, i.e. the purchase of an instrument is funded by the materials needed for its operation. While the instrument is too expensive for the hospitals to purchase, the deal is based on the supply of reagents required for performing various analyses. The cost, determined in a contract with the vendor, is usually spread over five years, in the course of which the lab receives a steady supply of required materials, whereas on their expiration a new arrangement is made. In certain cases it would involve the instrument’s upgrade or its replacement, while in other cases the reagents deal is prolonged at reduced prices.

All deals are examined at the Sarel’s laboratory department in order to afford the customers the most rewarding arrangements, with respect to either the conditions or the costs. In the event whereas the vendor’s offer has been scrutinized by Sarel and found too expensive, then Sarel intervenes to help its customer and finances the purchase of such instrument on its own, thus allowing the customer to conclude a reagents deal at a lower cost.

With a finger on the pulse

The Sarel’s laboratory department operates as an intersection for massive information flows allowing it to aid the labs in indentifying and purchasing specific items from abroad. Sarel is continuously following the latest developments in Israel and all over the world and provides its customers with the most up-to-date market knowledge in both technological and pricing aspects.

Feedback from the customers

In order to expand the knowledge, it is important for Sarel to receive feedback from its customers with respect to either the equipment supplied or the services rendered. For this purpose Sarel’s representatives keep visiting the labs and encourage their staff and managers to provide feedback. In this way they are able to ascertain the degree of customers’ satisfaction with respect to the equipment quality, compliance with the concluded agreements, troubleshooting and more, as well as to examine the suppliers’ compliance with the contractual obligations and their preparedness to assist in solving the problems whenever they arise. It often happens that the lab workload varies in the course of the deal period, and the necessity arises to find a replacement for the existing instruments. Our accumulated experience in such deals allows us to offer the lab a viable solution – efficient and economical.

Building and repairing

The laboratory department also offers its services for setting up and repairing medical labs. To that end, it collaborates with the Sarel’s institutional division and, together with the customer and other relevant parties, such as architects, contractors etc., attains the best possible solution. For example, within the framework of repairing the public health labs at Abu Kabir that had been carried out for the Planning and Building Department at the Ministry of Health, Sarel took care to supply all the furniture and equipment required for the chemistry, food and water labs. The furniture was specifically adapted to the workstations, and the laboratory department handled the selection of hoods and work surfaces.

Good prices, efficient service and fast response

Sarel’s advantageous position allows it to obtain the best prices for its customers. The laboratory department examines the costs and performs precise comparisons of different instruments in order to find out the real costs. The tenders carried out by Sarel are adapted to the lab’s specific needs and described in the appropriate specifications. Each request received for various departments is promptly processed without any delay. The reason for such ability is our philosophy of placing the customer service at the top of our priorities. Says Ilana Tel-Tzur: “Labs do not keep stocks in order to reduce the costs, therefore we supply everything they need directly to them. Since all the parties know that it is impossible to stop the lab’s operation due to the lack of reagents, every order is handled as an urgent one”.