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Sarel offers supportive technologies for preventing infections

It is essential to deal with the infection prevention in a planned manner rather than by way of ad-hoc solutions. Between 4,000 and 6,000 deaths per year are caused by nosocomial infections in various hospital facilities across Israel. The problem’s existence is beyond argument, like there is no debate about the importance of simple cleanup habits by staff and visitors, such as compulsory isolation gowns and hand washing. Special attention to various cleaning and disinfecting operations variance has become a common expert in Israel and all over the world and a real basis for reducing the extent of infections – thanks to the implementation of properly managed cleaning and disinfecting processes and the related activities.

Sarel Company offers a combination of technological solutions that support the system’s efforts at two levels: First, a technological solution for fast and reliable disinfection of hospital rooms (and of course, operating rooms, isolation boxes, etc.) with an emphasis on such susceptible areas as, e.g., toilets. Several technologies exist for disinfecting the room space (wet fog, dry mist, UV), of which we have chosen the UV technology due to a number of quality and usability properties that are lacking in other technologies, including short preparation time, disinfection process as short as possible, absence of any residual material that would require ventilation, disinfection process that is safe for any present electronic equipment, furniture, surfaces and textiles, solutions toilet rooms, solutions for air conditioning and control systems.

UV technology meets all these requirements, it is recognized for many years, can be controlled using accepted biological indicators and thus allows a comprehensive, fast and user-friendly solution for disinfecting rooms, with all equipment contained therein, in a matter of a few minutes. Sarel offers a room disinfection service on a mutually agreed basis (e.g., disinfection during the morning hours of the preliminary selected premises as soon as the patients are released, disinfection of selected rooms on call, regular disinfection of operating rooms during the afternoon / evening hours) in accordance with a full maintenance model (equipment and operator).

As an integral part of the solution, we offer a specific solution for toilet rooms: a stationary UV device operates when the toilet room is empty of people (and, to save the resources, stops after a fixed period of time without the entry of people, so after the toilet user leaves the room the latter undergoes automatic disinfection until the next user comes in, and so on). Adding UV lamps to the air-conditioning outlets covers the full extent of places susceptible to infection and provides a full preventive coverage.

The second level comprises a unique system of dispenses that reports on the time and amount of use from the points of installation, operates on a network to a WiFi without the need for personal bracelets; this way it is possible to examine the personnel compliance at the department / room / bed level and to compare the compliance with the hand washing procedures between various departments. This provides a simple and clear support to the system’s concept of the need to change the medical teams’ behavior. It has been reported lately that in the next year the Ministry of Health will invest 50 million shekels to deal with hospital infections, after 100 thousand such cases were recorded every year. The funds have been allocated to the infections prevention program by means of determining 80 parameters and incentives for hospitals that comply with them – adding more personnel, increasing the space between beds, increasing the number of nurses and doctors, implementing hand washing habits by the staff and informing the general public coming to hospitals.

For more information please contact Yehoshua Turnovsky, Assistant CEO for Product Development, at 09-8922089.

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