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We are pleased to announce the list of Sarel’s distinguished suppliers

We are pleased to publish the list of suppliers that received the highest marks (over 90) in the 2015 suppliers’ contest – an annual evaluation process carried out by Sarel in accordance with structured parameters, including:

Quality • Compliance with the obligations over the length of procurement agreement • Compliance with schedules • Number of non-compliant suppliers • Non-conformity at acceptance • Service.

Our congratulations, we will be pleased to see new suppliers in the 2016 suppliers’ evaluation.

Instrument suppliers:

Philips Electronics (Israel) Ltd.

Eldan Electronic Equipment Ltd.

Siemens Israel Ltd.

Tosh-Med Ltd.

Bepex Ltd.

Medlife Ltd.

Systemedic Ltd.

Matrix IT Integration and Infrastructures Ltd.

Sh. Shivuk Kal Millennium Ltd.

Geter Group Ltd.

Pharmaceutics suppliers:

Dexcel Ltd.

Suppliers of the Medical Division:

J-C Health Care Ltd.

Teva Medical Ltd.

Trimko Surgery Division

Covidien (Israel) Ltd.

Ilex Medical Ltd.

NTR Medical Industries Ltd.

CPM Medical Equipment Ltd.

Medi Fisher Engineering and Science (2002) Ltd.

Neopharm – Medical Equipment and Commerce Ltd.

Rhenium Equipment for Research Labs Ltd.

Medlab Medical Equipment Ltd.

Prigo Israel Agencies Ltd.

  1. Facent Back Ankle and Foot Technologies

Philtel Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Invest Impex Ltd.

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