Sarel was founded in 1995 for the purpose of serving as a group purchasing organization (GPO) for the governmental hospitals, medical centers and various Israeli institutions, including public health services, local health offices, the emergency department at the Ministry of Health, and other organizations.

Sarel is a leading company in its field that supplies, under a single roof, an extensive basket of medicines, vaccines, medical equipment and instruments, laboratory appliances and supporting products and services to the national health system. The company is owned by the Association of Public Hospitals for the Public Good, a non-profit organization operating exclusively in the interest of the public.

The company employs about 145 devoted, experienced personnel knowledgeable in many areas.

The collaboration with the governmental institutions covers, inter alia, the following areas:

National projects: Sarel is consistently planning and operating national projects in the field of healthcare, as requested by the Ministry of Health and fully coordinated therewith, at all stages – from the project’s scope definition through collection and analysis of the regulatory and clinical requirements to the accomplishment and practical implementation. Such projects include: replenishing the medicines and equipment stocks for the emergency situations; assisting the waiting time reduction by means of importing harvested human corneas; swine flu vaccination; polio vaccination; characterization of needs and means of protection against Ebola; emergency preparations for the wartime situation; coordination, over many years, of the Ministry of Health professional committees’ activities; assisting the overseas medical rescue missions, and more.

Sarel’s capabilities and accumulated experience in managing the medical projects allow us to handle innovative projects that have not yet been implemented in Israel. We do it in collaboration with the leading professional authorities while avoiding any conflict of interests and pursuing exclusively the public’s interests.

Extensive experience in the area of special needs of such health facilities as emergency rooms, dialysis, obstetric departments, operating rooms and the like, combined with the knowledge gained over many years of work in Israel and abroad in the fields of procurement, logistics and healthcare supplies, allow Sarel to provide the complete project scope that comprises all the components necessary for successful accomplishment and implementation.

The company conforms to international regulatory requirements and quality standards and possesses certificates from the Ministry of Health, e.g. the importer’s / manufacturer’s certificate for medical preparations, GMP certificate and GDP certificate, as well as from the standardization bodies, e.g. the ISO 9001 certificate.

Sarel in the emergency and wartime situations

As part of the Sarel’s agreement with the Ministry of Health, the company replenishes the stocks of the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Department and conducts tenders on its behalf, combined with professional advice and guidance. The emergency equipment stocks are supplied by the company directly to hospitals. Sarel is certified as an “Emergency Establishment”, and on any emergency announcement or in the wartime its warehouses are available 24 hours a day in order to provide a comprehensive response to the health system’s needs with respect to the urgent delivery of medicines and medical equipment.